Posted on May 4, 2019

CorePump® Machine

Every fitness regimen should meet 4 common goals which is to improve cardiovascular health, strength, core, and flexibility. These 4 components of health are what we call the 4 pillars of fitness. The CorePump® Machine safely, effectively and efficiently meets these goals perfectly.

The CorePump® Machine uses Smart Resistance®, which automatically and continuously adjusts to the strength and speed output of the individual. It utilizes Isokinetic resistance to provide a workout twice as hard as traditional resistance exercises without the delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that accompanies a tough conventional workout. Train Out of Pain™

Smart Resistance® also allows you to go all-out without the jerky movements that accompany typical resistance training, providing immense aerobic as well as anaerobic health benefits.


Time is money, and going to the gym can be a huge drain on both. With a 2'x2' footprint, the CorePump® Machine is small enough to fit virtually anywhere, so that 10 minute window in your busy day is enough time for a complete total-body workout.

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